Octatrack passthru volume

Hi there, got a bit of a weird one, everything was working ok, took a new bit of kit (nyx v2) downstairs, came back upstairs plugged everything in. I can play from keyboard instruments in alchemy in logic pro x, but I don’t get any sound out of my two synthesizers (subharmicon and nyx v2), like input monitoring has stopped on the octatrack for some reason. However the octatrack can play out samples. Am a bit confused! Sound goes via a bluesky and into A and B on the ocatrack

Quick update, when I hit the bypass on the strymon blueky i hear a background humm, and I get the A and B lights on the octatrack. However, still no sound from the subhamonicon or the nyx

Got sound now out of the moog, and also the nyx on drone mode… so something up with keyboard signal to the nyx i think

I set all the dip switches to off on the nyx v2, switched off and back on, and it works.

Hope this helps somebody else !!!. octatrack is just a-class solid, nothing wrong with that :wink:

If you are using a pickup machine I believe you have to put a trigger on the track. Alternatively you can raise the volume for a b direct on the mix screen

Edit, mixed up thru with pickup, see below

Same for a THRU, you need a playback trig to hear something.

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Not quite. You cant place trigs on pickup machines.
Just raise the DIR level to monitor the recorder, once the pickup machine plays its captured loop, you hear it automatically.