Octatrack Pattern mode left on?

Hi, Is there away of keepning pattern mode turned on? I am a guitarest and its fidely pressing two buttons

You mean as if Pattern button is holden ?
No. Unless you solder a switch.

Guitarist too, but I’m using my 2 hands ! :smile:
I’d send ProgChange with a midi foot controller.

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Thanks, I play ambient pedal steel and its very fiddly !

Maybe arranger can help?

Pretty sure you can put your patterns in there each with its own line on infinite repeat. Then arrow keys and yes to move between them and change patterns (I think! Not with OT now). At least those buttons are closer together…

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Yeah good idea. Works with one hand indeed.

I am not using arranger because of flexibility live, I use a TR8S to tempo control the OT. But a toothpick works great!


You can use arranger freely, if you set loops for each pattern. Toothpick is simplier. :smile:

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