Octatrack pattern switching & time stretching

I’ve two questions about Octatrack:

1- Can we change the tempo of the imported wav, loops ?

2- Can we switch the loops or pattern in such a way that
when we switch from 1 to 2 then 1 stops before 2 starts?

Yes, within reasons / limitations

I don’t understand the question?

You want the sample playback (i.e. 1) to stop before the new sample (i.e. 2) plays?

Because each track only plays back one sample at a time; so changing to a new pattern will stop the old samples (or not, or maybe, you can set various options)

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Thanks for your reply. Its like 1 is playing, then I press 2, and pattern switch from 1 to 2 within the tempo and 1 stops and 2 starts, all within tempo.

I think @dkali1 means “quanitzed” pattern switching, i.e. when you select pattern 2 it does not start right away but waits until the current pattern has finished playing ?

If yes, pretty sure that this is an option in the global octatrack menu.

I can check on the weekend, but I´m sure others can confirm this before then.

Ya, I mean to say that. I purchased so many sampler drum machines including Roland sp 404, Akain mpc 500. Korg Electribe, but they don’t do it. They switch the pattern right away and not follow the tempo. Also they don’t have time stretch function.

then you´ll be OK with the octatrack - if you can learn how to operate it.

it´s a DEEP machine, and unfortunately Elektron uses some terms like “parts”, “patterns”, etc. completely differently than Roland, Korg or Akai… took me a while to get through all that.

but you get a great community here for all your “dumb” questions - most of us have had the same problem at some point, so there will almost always be someone to answer it for you :wink:


Thanks for your help.

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PROJECT > CONTROL > SEQUENCER > CHAIN AFTER controls when chained patterns will start to play. The default mode is PAT.LEN. When a pattern is playing and a new pattern is selected, the pattern currently playing will play to its end before the new pattern starts playing. Set the amount of steps using the LEVEL encoder. This setting affects all patterns in a project, but can be overridden on a per pattern basis in the PATTERN SETTINGS menu.

The minimum value is 2 steps ("quanibalized pattern switching :wink:).

Can you please explain what is the meaning of minimum value 2 steps?

Maximum pattern length is 64 steps. You’ve used an electribe so I gather you know what steps are.

You can set how long (in steps) the octa will wait until loading the next pattern you’ve cued up. Minimum is 2 step or an ⅛ note after you’ve selected the pattern up to pattern length. Meaning 16, 32, 64, etc. however long your pattern is.

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Ok, actually I’ve to use it with my arranger Yamaha keyboard thru MIDI clock sync. I’ll use sample percussion loops/beat (in Octatrack) along with accompaniment styles of the keyboard.

So that setting will reflect program change input as well so if you have an arranger sending the ot program changes that also counts. It should assuming your hardware is solid. Sync on the down beat

Ya, I’ve Yamaha PSR s770. I have midi sync it many times with sampler drum machines like Korg Electribe and MPC 500, it works fine. Rhythm follows the master instrument’s tempo.