Octatrack pitch bend/ mod wheel


Im buying my first Octa maybe next week. Was wondering if there is a control for traditional pitch bend and mod wheel anywhere on it? particularly to send pitch bends to synths being sequenced.

Yes, it sends pitchbend but only MSB, so the resolution is 128 instead of 128x128.
Mod wheel is a regular Control Change #1, no problem.
It’s a step sequencer, so you can’t have smooth values changes, only one per step, except with lfos.


This can’t be emphasized enough. Don’t expect to record modulations as you would in a linear sequencer.

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So there is no way to bend pitch live… as in send to a synth connected via midi not record the pitch bend?

ps i understand the sequencer as i have a rytm

just wondering if there is anyway to do this

Slide trigs for midi tracks would almost solve the problem. MD has that possibility AFAIK.

You can turn the knob live, and I guess you can use / midi record a keyboard pitchbend live. Need to try to confirm.
Only step seq limitation after recording, and in that case MSB only is not a big deal.

If you want to pitchbend live, you could always record the audio

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As @sezare56 says it won’t be smooth, it will simply record one value per step a bit like sample and hold. It can actually sound ok but not if you specifically want smooth.

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Obviously using LFO with higher resolution would be smoother than recording live.


I was trying that with plays free tracks. :wink:
It works, let you send synced smooth pitch bends with the lfo designer if you wich.

But I think I’d record audio.