Octatrack powered by plug points on UK trains?

Quick question: anyone powered an Octatrack using the plug points on UK Trains?

I haven’t, myself. Would it be rude to ask why you’re asking?

Not rude at all! I just simply want to know whether I can employ them to use my Octatrack on the train. Assume they will be fine but wanted to check, as they often say ‘only for phones and laptops’ on a sign by the socket.

I assume that that kind of sign means that they don’t want people to use high-power devices like hairdryers or guitar amps.

I don’t think that there would be any problem with an Octatrack.

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Thanks for your input @PeterHanes, as always :slight_smile:

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But what about my hairdryer guitar amp avant noise feedback train band? This never would have happened if Thatcher hadn’t privatised British Rail. Booo!

Sorry. One other option is a battery pack. I’ve not used one myself but there seem to be some on the market that have enough volts and a good maH rating. One more thing I would advise - if you are going to use a train socket, invest in a small surge protector.

I noticed that train power sockets get cut once in a while, at least in France.
Knowing this, it make sense to use these power sockets only with battery powered devices…

I would use an external battery between the power socket and the OT to avoid brutal power cuts.