Octatrack questions. Again. Sorry

I apologise in advance, I’m sure everyone here is sick to death of these “should I get an Octatrack” topics. This isn’t one of those, I’ll try to keep it short and specific.

I promise I tried to find the answers but the manual is pretty dense and most videos on YT focus on more advanced topics like live looping or using the OT as a hub for mixing other gear etc. I just want a groovebox to use standalone, at least to start with. I’m not scared of the complexity if I can take small steps, I don’t have sophisticated needs.

So, here’s the questions.

  1. If I ignore the more advanced recording/looping stuff and just want to load a bunch of loops and one-shots to slice and sequence, is this relatively straightforward? With DT, I have my 128 sample slots - is the OT similar in this regard in terms of a sample pool that I can use for sample/parameter locking and whatnot? I am well-versed in the Elektron step-sequencing paradigm from other machines I have owned or currently own.

  2. Is it possible to do send FX? What I mean is internal send FX e.g. have internal delay or reverb somewhere and send other tracks to that. It’s not a deal-breaker, just curious.

  3. Can I use tracks for group behaviour? e.g. route tracks 1-4 to 5 to use as a buss or 1-7 to 8 to use as a master track?

  4. Is Octatrack still relevant in 2022/23? (I’m joking).

Thanks in advance as always, love this place.

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Hey there! Quick fire answer round:

  1. Yes, it’s got a sample pool with 128 slots that are lockable with the level knob. You can also load a file with multiple drum hits and use the slice function to gain an extra level of sound locks, 64 per sample. There are actually 128 for flex, and 128 for static machines as well.

  2. Yes, if you set up a flex buffer to listen to CUE, assign a reverb to send on that track and then cue each track you want to send. There isn’t an option for multiple busses though, just cue really. And it’s more of a work around I guess.

  3. Same as above. There is also a dedicated option in the settings to make track 8 a master, all tracks 1-7 are then fed to T8 by default. Nice for popping a compressor, filter or reverb to the whole mix.

  4. You know the answer ;).


To make it quick: Yes to All. Enjoy your OT :wink:

PS: no need to say ‘sorry’, there’s no stupid question, only stupid answers :wink:

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