Octatrack recorder buffer tape wheel won't stop spinning

I’m doing that Cenk thing where he -

  • sets up a Thru machine on part 1
  • step up a Flex machine bound to a recorder buffer on the same track in part 2
  • captures a sample on part 1 with a one shot recorder trig
  • switches to part 2 where the captured sample starts playing seamlessly
  • messes with the sample with slice engine, delay engine
  • go back to start

This all works rather nicely, except that when I go back to the Thru machine and pull up the recorder buffer to record a second sample, I find that the tape wheel is still spinning :-/

Now I can still record a second sample with a one shot trig, but that spinning wheel is giving me a sense of dread like something is wrong somewhere.

It doesn’t feel like anything is recording, as the slider triangle on the horizontal line at the bottom isn’t moving, is stuck at the left hand end.

Am wondering if there is a stray trig lying somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me find it - it’s not in the standard trigs and it doesn’t seem to be in the recorder trigs either. And Func + Clear doesn’t reset it.

Am also wondering if I might have set a “normal” (red) trigger somewhere that hasn’t cleared instead of a one- shot (yellow) trig. I just want the one- shot but my fingers aren’t that dexterous yet so sometimes I get it wrong and have to do a lot of Func + Clear or Func + Yes

Any thoughts on the significance of a spinning tape wheel, and how I might reset it ?

Is there any problem except tape spinning display?
Isn’t it due to a rec trig?

Yes RLEN is set

No recorder trigs are set

There don’t seem to be any particular problems

Just weird that the tape wheel spins but the slider at the bottom isn’t moving

Seems to happen when I switch parts

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Good if it’s just a display problem.
I had problems with part changes : the recorder was keeping previous part settings, even if the new settings were displayed.
Didn’t check since it happened.

So there are known bugs, even in an 8 yr old product at v1.30 ?

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