Octatrack repair - no warranty

Hi friends,

did any of you octatrackers have to repair your OT? I already sent mine last year for repair and it came back fixed. Still had warranty. But… Now my warranty is gone and the same faults that had been fixed are now even worse. One trigger button is glitchy and rotary knob is often jumping the opposite direction in which I turn.

I’m considering trusting my friend who works with fine technology and giving my best thing I ever bought to him to fix it.

I would still consider sending it to Elektron HQ… but I don’t know what the cost will be without warranty…

So my question is, did any of you manage to fix faulty OT on their own?


If it is the same problem then the warranty period for those parts restarts again from the repair return date. At least according to EU/Swedish consumer law… but whether or not you can get Elektron to respect that is another question entirely.

Contact Elektron… you might be happily surprised.

Yes, contact support.

There is warranty on the repairs and if it’s not valid for some reason they will still help you with parts and instructions, or give you a cost. Usually shipping is the biggest cost since buttons/encoders are not that costly and the repair is quick.

hey thnx guys I didn’t know that there is warranty on repair :confused:

I will contact them immediately… fingers crossed!

Hello, unfortunately I’m from Russia.)) My problem is that the trigger button broke, I tried to re-solder it, after which the octatrack did not work correctly. Where can I give octotrack for repair? How will they contact them?

You can buy a replacement control board for very cheap. And fit it yourself. Probably the most efficient way to resurect your octatrack.

I did this after a failed attempt at repairing some corroded out diodes.

Contact elektron support directly.

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How much did the repair cost you? How will they contact them? Where can I find their contact?

200 USD for the complete board including shipping. Fitting it was free, I did it.

You can find the contact details on the elektron site


Thanks for the information:)

Can anyone know their mail?. I can’t register on their official website, the confirmation email does not come

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So I did. They replied to the mail. Thank you.

I had an encoder on the MK1 which was skipping, however I opened it up, removed the encoder (no de-soldering required), rubbed some alcohol into it all with a cotton swab and popped it back in. Good as gold.

what is an encoder?)

An encoder is a knob.

What button are you talking about?
One off the 1‐16 trig buttons ?

I could repair one with glue. Works perfectly now.

Maybe you have broke something else with soldering ?

I’m talking about trigger button # 6, but most likely something happened during soldering, but it’s not visible from the back side. I also fixed the “play” button with the help of glue. I’m thinking of changing completely the board for which these buttons


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Can repost images?

Cant see it

Wtf? Did that button melt or something?
What does the underside of the board look like?

No, I wanted to glue it. This shows the remnants of the glue. Here is a photo, back part