Octatrack Routing Advanced (with Analog Rytm)

OK that’s what i have :

Octatrack :
Track 1 : Tech Stab
it’s a single cycle waveform shaped in AMP, with FX1 is a filter, FX2 is a Comb
To shape that sound dubby i need a Delay and a reverb so i activate Track 8 as a master FX)

Track 2 i have a Loop Sliced mangled i use the filter on it FX1

Track 8 Master FX

Analog Rytm :
Connected in inputs pair AB on Octatrack

This is my scenario, i know if i am in studio (NO PROBLEM)
But in the headphones scenario with only Octatrack and AR

Can i have Analog Rytm and Track 2 not affected by Track 8 (Master FX)
I try to activate Cue as a second output and Mix between both signal Master/cue 50% put Analog Rytm in a thru machine (but failed because it goes in Track 8 and i don’t want Delay and Reverb on Drums…)

Anyone ? Hope you see what i would like to do, of course it’s a headphone scenario problem

Why not use a Neighbor machine to add effects to the output of track 1 instead of using effects on a Master Track?

OH yes you right i think you solved what i looking for…