Octatrack sample tempos

Hi all Hopefully I have posted this correctly. anyway I am getting to grips with the octatrack and it is awesome , i nearly gave up but glad I persevered. Anyway I have confused myself on one aspect. If I play and record samples and loops that have different tempos what is the best way to get them to play in time please. I have tried the AED and edit to calculate BPM but I get mixed results with timestretch on and off.

I need a little expert guidance please

thanks steve

I typically make
My own loops in multiples of a bar , at 120 bpm
So it’s quite easy to set up the parameters of the sample to play them back , create regular slots or dial in easy numbers for the start point / loop points.

I don’t usually grab random stuff that in reality is 1/3 of a bar at a weird tempo to try to make it fit.

In summary , simplify so that all the numbers are easy to dial in.
Use a mid tempo based on what you normally work with though if I make a nice acid loop I often record it at 90,100,110,120 bpm to ensure I can get clean versions with no weird stretching artefacts.