Octatrack SD card issues / file corruption

I don’t know if I’m just unlucky or if I’m doing something wrong with my Octatrack MK2. (I’m using 1.40A)

After about two weeks, the included SD card died and froze the Octatrack. A new card solved that problem, and I have asked my retailer for a replacement card to get access to the sample libraries again.

I have Splice on my iPad and have been syncing an entire folder with samples by connecting the Ipad directly to the OT in USB mode and copy/pasting and replacing files on the OT from the file system on the Ipad.

I have now had the OT for a couple of months and yesterday I lost my project, with a File not found Error, looking at the SD card I see lots of garbage files / directories instead of my project folder.

In addition to this, I frequently encounter a strange issue when I load samples from the SD card into a static machine and then move back to the card to get another sample…

Video; error.mov - Google Drive

This is not a huge issue, since I can load the non “err” samples just fine. But, this all together shakes my confidence in SD card software/hardware on this machine.

Is it just me or are these known issues?

Get in touch with Elektron support on Elektron.se and be as detailed and specific as possible. They will know more about known issues.

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When I open up the SD card on my OSX terminal, I notice a bunch of files with the prefix “._” on in most of the folders that I have copied from my iPad. Upon research, it seems they are called “resource forks” and is an arcane part of early Mac OS file systems.

I suspect this has caused confusion and will probably sync Splice from my Macbook going forward.

Just to be clear - you will have the best results using a CF-card in your Octatrack.


Meant CF :upside_down_face:

FYI it should be possible to delete the crud that Mac OS puts on the card in the OT using the File browser.

In an OSX terminal, From the root directory of the CF card;

find .|grep -a “/._”|xargs rm

(Run at own risk)