Octatrack sequencing the Prophet 6

Hi All,
Looking at buying a P6, what i want to know before i offload a wad of cash is can the OT midi sequence more than 1 track from the P6 at once?

It can… the Prophet 6 has 6 voices but is not multi timbral. As such, you can have multiple channels on the OT assigned to the same midi channel the P6 is on.

The limitations are that you cannot change preset, ie all OT channels sequemcimg the P6 will play just that preset. If you change it on the P6 it chamges it for all midi tracks sequencing the P6.

You are limited to 6 voices, as such if you have more than 6 notes overall on the same trig in the sequence across a few tracks, you get note stealing. For example you can have 2tracks triggering two 3-note chords but not more than that at any particular moment in time.


Thanks Nikarga, i think you spelt that out nice and clear. I was hoping it wasn’t the case though. Just wish Dave Smith would have made it multi timbral.

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Youre most welcome - it is quite frustrating but the sound is so good it makes up for it. You cant go wrong with a P6 (or an OB6).

Multi timbrality is one thing I miss since selling my Virus… :+1:

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I was actually looking at a virus ti2 or the prophet but started leaning towards the prophet for the sound quality. I currently have a sub 37 but would like a poly :confused:

I miss my Virus, its the swiss army knife of all synths. But i own an OB-6 and couldn’t imagine life without it - its THAT good. P6 would probably complement your aggressive Sub 37 well. I have a Voyager Electric Blue for the butter leads and bass and an OB-6 for the industrial earth shattering chords…


Hi guys,

I own an DSI OB-6 and was just curious what the OT can offer in terms of sequencing, that DAW automations can’t? I’ve read about people suggesting the OT as a good pairing to DSI synths, but I’m not familiar enough with the product to understand what the value added is. Please explain in a very simple way, if you can :slight_smile:

In my opinion the only advantage in sequencing with an OT as opposed to a DAW is the parameter locking, its faster for me than writting automation on a DAW.

Aside from that I would say that a DAW can do everything that an OT can but an OT can NOT do everything a DAW can for sequencing.

And I think that any sequencer can be a good pairing with a DSI synth, dont think there is anything special or specific about OT+DSI that makes them work better than other sequencer/synth combos.


Sequencing a synth from the OT also means you can send the audio back into the OTs inputs, from there it can be realtime sampled and all manner of OT tricks can be applied… You can keep sampling loops and layer synth line upon synth line, slice the loops and have live remix patterns, add fx, all sorts of OT stuff… In one pattern after some realtime sampling you can be mixing the live synth with 8 other sampled synth tracks, all with different fx, some sliced, pitch shifted, reversed, you can mix and apply more fx with the fader, it goes on and on. OT is a synth multiplier/expander… Entire tracks can be made with the OT and a synth and anything you can read about the OT doing it can do with samples being made from the synth, in realtime if you want… Doesn’t have to be a DSI, but still just as much applies to a DSI… Can probably pull this off in a DAW but would be complicated and the OT sort of puts this approach in front of you…


Hey hey. Sorry to resurrect an old thread.
How do I use parameter locking, when I’m sequencing my ob6 from the OT?

Say I’m running a midi pattern and I want step 4 with full open filter, step 6 with halfclosed filter and more attack and step 8 with higher pitch - how is all this done?

Thanks. (@sezare56, I’ll just tag you, as you always seem to know what I need to know)

Plocked CCs, on trigs or trigless trigs.
Doesn’t seem complicated. Hoping you’ll succed easily.