Octatrack Sequencing Vermona DRM1 MK3

Hey elektronauts,

I have a question about sequencing with the Octatrack. I use an OT to sequence 2 other synths which leaves me with only 6 other midi tracks available to sequence the DRM1’s 8 instruments, but as I understand it I would only be able to sequence 6 instruments out of the 8 on the DRM1 or is there a way that I would be able to sequence more than two instruments with one midi track on the OT? I’m considering buying a DRM1 so I want to know if I can sequence all of the instruments not just 6 of them based on my set up.

Thanks so much!

The Vermona is triggered on a midi channel by particular note values. Therefore, you could, from one midi track on the OT trigger any of the drums by setting the note value for that trig. You wouldn’t be able to trigger more than one drum per trig like this though, but you would be able to share the 8 instruments over 6 OT tracks.

I had this setup for a while and found that I rarely used all 8 instruments after the first couple of weeks. You may find that 6 instruments are more than enough.


You can send 4 notes per step / track with Octatrack, so it should be possible to trigger more…


Of course. I forgot the other notes. Moron!

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Awesome news then! This makes me more confident about making the purchase. Thanks so much!

Check the manual, by default, all DRM1 instruments are on midi channel 10, with different notes.

There’s a midi learn function that lets you choose any note and / or midi channel for each instrument.

Pretty easy to do with OT.

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when I was sequencing mine via OT I just used individual midi tracks for the drums. I love the sound of the DRM but I’ve never wanted to use all eight tracks at once. it sounds best when combined with other drum sounds, in my opinion at least. some samples from the OT, for example.

I would ultimately recommend getting a Beatstep Pro for it though. they were made for each other.


Thank you! This is great information! After reading this I pulled the trigger on a used mint unit on Reverb.com, can’t thank you guys enough… I was using the Octatrack as a drum machine on my set up for a while (besides being the sequencer of course) but setting up the individual drums sounds via CUE out every time I have a new idea annoys me also having a dedicated drum sound generator is what I’ve been wishing for. I wanted something simple since I’ve tried other drums machines (Roland TR-8s, Drumbrute, MFB Tanzbär Lite, just to name a few) but haven’t really liked or clicked or liked either the sound or the sequencer/workflow or a combination of both… This DRM1 seems simple enough that I feel I made the right choice (I hope). Thanks again guys!!


Enjoy! I picked one up in August and I love it. Such an awesome sound.

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Brought a used unit and was faulty… too noisy. I had to return it… now having second thoughts about this. Thinking of buying a new one for $669 and like the idea of having pads with the Arturia Beatstep Pro (Another $229) that puts me at $898. While looking at gear realised the Akai MPC Live dropped to $999. I’m seriously considering that route… What’s your opinion?

MPC Live, the big iPad? :content:


:laughing::rofl: I guess

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I’d still recommend the DRM1. it’s an awesome analog sound source. surprised you got a faulty unit, I’ve got three Vermona machines and all are solid. very well built stuff.

the BSP is great with the DRM1 but if you have an Octatrack, that’s plenty too. can always get the BSP later, and they’re easily found used for closer to $175 (I just sold one for that, in fact).

Hi all, new here. I’m having trouble triggering my new Vermona with midi triggs. Could someone guide through the process? I’ve been putting the Vermona in learn mode and then the only thing I seem to be able to do is to hit either the 1-8 triggs while in midi section or any of 1-8 or 9-16 in the regular track section (which will then duplicate the triggs on either 1-8 or 9-16 depending which was used. So all in all if I hit any of the buttons it will make a sound on the Vermona. All 8 sounds. But if I go into MIDI mode and put triggers on a sequence nothing happens. No sound is triggered. I’ve tried changing the notes but none will trigger the Vermona. What am I doing wrong?! thanks in advanced

just a hunch… but it sounds like maybe your OT is assigned to the same channel as the DRM1. so the internal OT tracks are firing out midi notes and the DRM1 is receiving them and playing. but then your OT midi track is not assigned to the correct channel for the DRM1. they should be on separate channels.

what I would do is check what channel the OT is assigned to. then choose a different one for your midi track. then put the DRM1 in learn mode and output the notes you want to use from this midi track. the DRM1 should now be assigned to the notes and channel you want to use.

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