Octatrack shizzle after reloading project- i don't understand

Hii all, I wanted to reload a project, because i did some things in that project that messed some things up.
i saved that same project and the parts yesterday. So i wasn’t too worried, but now:
When the project was reloaded >> it was in a complete mess, :aw: :aw:
almost all patterns were gone and nothing was right!
While flipping out I reloaded the same project again and…>>>> all went back to normal, i have my saved project back and all is fine :aw:
but i don’t understand, I’m really scared!



So you have your project working as it should?

I wouldnt worry about the temporary freak out, there my have been other forces at play.

Always a good idea to make regular back ups to an external source. Really easy to do, just copy the entire octatrack folder to a folder on a computer. Copy paste. Easy.

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Yes Everything is fine now
dark forces were indeed messing with my project :grimacing: :joy:octatrack being mean to me :troll:
you are right, I will back up all today just to be extra sure xxx


Stuff like that can happen. On my OT stuff happens maybe twice a year, on my AK way less. Also on my AK it’s usually that parameters are all messed up and acting weird, on my OT it’s missing banks or weird playback issues. My Rytm had some funny light freakout incident a few days ago…Keep calm and reload the project. If that doesn’t help, turn the machine off, wait a brief minute and turn it back on.

And also keep your backups fresh, you never know. :grin:

but how is this all possible :joy: :zonked: last night i flipped out but now i’m calm again only thing to do is to stop ask why and make full backup, thanks for sharing your experiences xxx

Ghost in the box strikes again.


that will be my next track title! :loopy:
not kidding


I would like to hear that. Not kidding.

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:heart_eyes: i just recorded it, will post it soon, need to make some artwork for it too

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…always good to save the same project more than just once, with different version numbers added to the name…

and hell yeah…that basic code is old…and still got many features squeezed in and on top with all the years…therefor, projects can become corrupted for too many good reasons…
sometimes…no evil in work here…just too many zeros and ones to read and proceed and to write…that simply can’t line up correctly from time to time, each time, again and again…

a mirror image of ur card on ur desktop…
and project xyz 0.1 plus same project xyz but 0.2…
will do all the trick…
calm down…ur not alone…

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You’re welcome


:heart: thank you

inspired by all this! :star_struck: but hope this won’t happen again

almost :smiley:

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Temporary Freak Out | ALIENNA | We Are Time Travelers (bandcamp.com)


Solid Track, great Vibe!

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thank you :heart: