Octatrack tempo gradual slowdown

I was messing with my setup, Oktatrack is the master. At some point i tap tempo button and i se 140.9 - being ocd as the next guy(lol) i tap arrow down few times to get it to get it to round 140 - as soon as the pattern started again, tempo started to gradually decline! It went from 140 tp 120 in 4 bars, the length of my pattern, then stopped. It was so awesome but i cant figure how i actually did it, because it did not happen again.
Any ideas? So is there a way to set tempo to gradually slow down or speed up without any locks, just tapping arrows?

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No idea but if anyone can work out how to replicate the behaviour - I will use!

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“tempo slide” new feature! I wish :sweat_smile:

very often I feel weirded out by how rigid sequencers’ bpm is. I wish we could work a bit more on that.

Now, unfortunately I think you probably just witnessed a bug.

In the tempo menu, you can temporarily shift the tempo up or down by 10% by pressing the left or right rrow key and by holding one or more track keys and pressing left or right, the tempo of the samples currently playing on those tracks can be temporarily nudged.

140 to 120 is more than 10%, though…