Octatrack Test Mode Scene Inverse

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help me fix an issue that is currently happening with my octatrack MKII.

I am using the 1.31 OS version.

I have been looking around for Scene calibration, and i found the FUNC + Scene B results. (which used to work)

However, now when i go in Test mode, and i move my faders they appear normal going from 1-16, A to B fine…
I then reboot the Octatrack and try my Scenes again. i.e: take a synth Change the Rate of SRC to -64 on Scene B and the Synth on Scene A changes as well. (I know that many people have had this issue and it was resolved by going : Test mode FUNC + Scene B to calibrate.)

I now go in test mode and try FUNC + Scene B to calibrate

MY scenes are inverted and wont go the full way. When on Scene A it shows 14-15 red Light and on Scene B (TRIG) 1 Lights up green…

If i now press again FUNC + Scene B it would seem like it recalibrated it. nonetheless, octatrack rebooted and issues has not gone away and if i repeat this test mode it shows again the inversion of scenes…

If anyone knows more that just the FUNC+ Scene B trick, it would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I am a new account user, so unfortunately i couldn’t upload the pictures…
Will do as soon as they let me

Thanks for any help


Contact Elektron support asap. Take video of your problem, email it to them.

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thank you

I did contact them…