Octatrack to Slim Phatty Program Change WITHOUT Pattern Change?

I want to change presets on the Moog Slim Phatty by sending Program Changes from the Octatrack. I’m able to do this successfully by turning on Program Change Send in the MIDI Sync Settings - the Phatty changes presets based on the Pattern I have selected on the OT.

My question, is there any way to do this without having it linked to Patterns on the OT? For example, I want to have Pattern A3 on the OT select Preset 67 on the Slim Phatty. Then I want Pattern A4 to select Preset 39 on the Slim Phatty.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Ok, I figured out why this wasn’t working for me. I had two midi tracks on the OT using the same midi channel - the second track that was using the channel would not send any program changes. I’m guessing that the OT must reserve the channel somehow if it’s being used on another track.

You can send program change in two ways.

1: send pc with pattern change. OT will send 0-127 for the first 128 patterns and then 0-127 for the next 128 patterns. This sucks because you only get one patch per pattern and is more for syncing pattern changes between several Elektron boxes.

2: set the bank and program change settings in the Part level on the second screen of the playback page on a given midi track. Any patterns that use this part (in a given bank) will use receive that pc message when switching to the part. This is limited in that you only have 4 parts per bank of patterns. However if you’re clever you should be able to make it work. I treat each bank of patterns as a pool for up to 4 songs or less with several part states.