Octatrack Tutorial: Sidechain pumping effect!

Tape and a pen are your friends but after a bit you get used to where you place what.
Of course everytime you will assign to different parameters but overall you’re going to get the same kind of “mood”.
My scene layout is divide in groups of 4 so I can visually divide them easily.
Scene 1-4 are original, lpf, hpf, filter with built up(generally with a delay)
Scene 5-8 are related to kinda mode mainly with a vinyl fx, dark, bright, reverse sweep
Scene 9-12 are bonkers 1,2,3,4 with 4 been the max bonkers level :joy:
Scene 13-16 are used for transition generally
transition 1 is for intro to verse/chorus and outro
Transition 2 for verse to chorus 1
Transition 3 for chorus to verse
Transition 4 for verse to chorus 2/bridge
Transition 4 become the crossfader track for live set up.

And when I don’t use my usual set up as I said I use tape and pen.
I don’t use scene for super precise stuff like my transition scene are not heavily mapped what I do instead is using another Part where I sampled the transition so I can record the transition I’m happy with it and I know it’s going to sound exactly like I want it,well almost… You know OT :wink:

Yep. Everything’s better with OT’s crossfader! :content:
I experimented the quoted trc thing with AR and DN with FILL and /FILL, they don’t have crossfader. AR Perf would work though.

Oh yeah and in some situations better :slight_smile: