Octatrack with logic

Hi I have two questions for octatrack

First I would like to know if the step sequencer of octatrack can be send with midi out to logic 9 to a software instrument (midi track in logic) like an arpeggio all notes ?

Second I am little confused with the 8 tracks.how many sounds each track can be loaded (is it 16 sounds)

the octatrack can sequence midi hardware via DIN cable, so you’d need a midi interface to logic, beyond that no issues, arps and lfos etc

secondly, each track could have access to waaaay more than sixteen sounds - each track can talk to a single sample(slot) which could be sliced in 64, all addressable, then there’s the possibility to address 128 slots, so with a bit of creative management there’s a great deal of flexibility per track, but each track is monophonic, so sounds cannot overlap - i’m just learning it and it’s power is becoming clearer to me with each session, very flexible and deep, but it takes some time to settle in !

So from octatrack midi out with cable to my rme fire face 800 (my interface) the octatrack can send the step sequencer to a logic midi channel .as I understand from what you say.

If each track is monophonic how can I listen a kick and a snare which play together the same time from the same track ?

For example I want in track 1 to load a kick and two different snares and two reverse snares
Can I do this and I listen all the sounds together kick,kick+snare ,kick+reverse snare,kick
In the same time kick +snare

Thanks for the answer my friend

one voice at a time per track so if you want to double (any) voices just copy the flex/static to another track

you can do plausible beats on just one track with judicious programming and a bit of delay to fill the gaps, if you get busy with hats you’ll need a couple of tracks, get friendly with sample chains and playing the kits with slice mode (Fn+Down arrow)

it’s been years since i used logic, but assuming it can still take external midi it’ll be no problem (assuming they didn’t dumb it down to garageband)

I had korg electribe sx before some years it was very good with sampling but its sound quality wasn’t so good as octatrack that’s for sure I love elektron sound but it is another concept for building with sounds I think I must read carefully the manual thank you for your time

Octatrack is 8 Midi Channels at a time. Which grows to 32 exclusive channel per part, which grows even more per bank.

When you sequence in Logic, how many MIDI channels/parts do you use at a time (not sequentially? If its more then 8, then Octatrack may be limiting.

Think of the 16 Channels as per increment of song structure. So you can have 16 channels (Audio+MIDI), for the Intro, then change it completely to another set for the verse etc.


PS. Each Audio track is monophonic, but each MIDI track has 4 note polyphony. So 1 MIDI track from drum sequencing is acceptable.