Octatrack Wooden Stand

Not sure if this has been asked before. Couldn’t find a definitive answer. But I’ve got two questions.

Where do you buy wooden side cheeks or a stand for the Octatrack MKI

Can you use them if they don’t have a ventilation hole?

I got the dual MDF ones from https://www.wavewoodcraft.co.uk/elektron-1
but you can’t put the PL2 cover on when they’re mounted. I tried to plane them down to make room for the cover, but it didn’t work well, and working with MDF is unpleasant. I should probably just get some spacers and use slightly longer screws.

Yes. The Octatrack doesn’t really need the vent holes.


Thanks for this. Just contacted the website but ideally I wanted to fit the cover on it also.

Is it an easy process getting it attached or could I cause some damage?

easily with some boxes, it depends where the pcb boards lie relative to mounting holes

there’s a thread or two on being wary about screw length

search the forum to see if this is an issue with OT - the board on the bottom is low, but it’s not obvious if the control board attached to the faceplate is out of screw reach, clearly the issue affects other devices though if care isn’t taken selecting the protruding screw length once seated in sides

I’ve made my own from plywood. Below is further developed but never realized design for MDF lasercut that allows quick OT unloading off the stand. I ended up with manually cut side panels without any snap-in gaps and just holes for mount screws. It’s high enough to accomodate another MKI device underneath, i.e. MD including a dustcover. Let me know in case you want the Sketchup file or detailed measures.


if you made your own (if possible) then you’d just need a template and then ensure that the top edge of panels was about 4 or 5 mm down from the top of the metal chassis

pic of my old diy effort on OT1 pre decksaver


I just thought you could slide your device into them. I didn’t realise you would have to physically screw it into the device.

That sounds barbaric. Gonna have to revise my plans unless I’m mistaken.

So two different things. Cheeks indeed are usually attacked via screws. Stands are not always.

The cheeks used to be much more common on nicer walnut and cherry woods on eBay and the like, but now 3D printed resin has taken that small niche market. Set a Reverb saved search for “Elektron wood” or “Elektron wooden”, turn your notifications on, and you should see one or two pop up every few weeks.

For something more luxurious Elektron Classic and Lux FS Desk Stand | Mixingtable.com
Contact them for pricing, everything is custom.


The case already has screw holes. You just need to use the right screws, so they don’t go in too far.


Second this - luxury!

you need something like this:

Cheeks that don’t use the pre-drilled holes in the side of the OT. Cheeks with a tray. Has space for decksaver.


Just copped this. You da man!

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