Octatrol Software

looks really promising:
"Octatrol extends Elektron’s Octatrack scenes into the Analog RYTM and Analog Four. "


Impressive work! Is it something that will be made available at some point?

I found this mumbo jumbo about halfway through about something that can only be programmed on Mac OS a bit confusing though.

Mac only ? I can map crossfader CC48 to A4’s macros with my midi processors so I won’t buy a Mac for that !
Technically interesting though.

I really hope something like this comes to iOS

looks cool.

but thats just an single mapping then. i also have the feeling its quite an overhead to put an laptop in there just for that, but if you have one already its supercool and makes new workflows possible.

I so wish we could just map midi ccs to fader/scenes on OT as standard.

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indeed :slight_smile:

Indeed, indeed.
With Event Processor Plus you have 32 events, with variables. Sending a CC value stored as a variable let you choose mapped CCs.
A bit more than a single mapping is possible.

I think 2 mapped macros on A4 would be enough for me.

Octatrol is now available at http://www.malfunkn.com/Octatrol/
Happy knob twiddling.


ill be buying this when I pick up another A4 eventually. congrats on finishing it and getting it out there, looks cool


I did another live feed demonstration for the release, this time on Youtube… Still realizing how powerful Octatrol is. This whole track was pretty much constructed entirely with Octatrol.

Octatrol Website

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impressive demo video. Really tempted to purchase.

Wondering, as you require OB installed to manipulate the A4/AR, whether slowly adding other modules like Machinedrum/Monomachine/various analog synths into the software would ever be possible, or planned?