Odd behavior A4 used unit

Hi, just got a second hand analog four mk 2 and have tried it out. It seems like there’s something wrong with some of the encoders where if I turn it the values start to go the opposite way or get caught up. This happens most noticably every time I use the “B” encoder to manipulate the resonance. I’ve owned all the elektrons at one point or another so I know this isn’t usual behavior. I also tried the calibration procedure twice after warmup and it still happens.

I’ve never run into this problem before with an elektron, should I request to return to the seller or is there something else I can try?


Have you tried adjusting parameters on different pages using the B encoder and yielded the same results? If so, I would return (otherwise you may have to spring for repairs). I have never had encoder skipping on my A4 mki (or any Elektron) but certainly experienced it back in the day with a Waldorf Microwave. The cause was faulty encoders, which is not something I would settle for on a newly purchased unit (used or otherwise) unless pre disclosed.

Hopefully there’s another fix though!

You can send it back?
or you might want it still?
you could negotiate with the seller? talk to Elektron/get a quote… if so, get in touch with your payment processor first. Protections often have a time limit so don’t needlessly stall.

2 of mine are a bit dodgy in fine mode & need replacing. Perhaps a bit different to you, mine just miss values so it takes a ton more turning. A is the worst & has no stiffness to it anymore, it works ok in course mode (pushing down). I’ve found that if I pull it up slightly it works OK. F is the other affected but it’s nowhere near as bad.

Mine is a mk1 and was one of the first batch bought at initial release.

It also has something wrong with track 2 which doesn’t make any sound unless filter 2 has some resonance applied.