Odd sound artifact?

Okay, maybe someone here can just tell me that I am a dumb ass and that I am forgetting something obvious and fix this right away. But I am using a 2>1 AM modulated sound in a song that I am crafting. It is supposed to be a searing sort of sound that drones more or less like a slightly off tone siren but changes pitch with chord changes. However when I place notes, either in the A4 native sequencer or the OT and the notes at all overlap (the AMP ENV has not left the sustain stage) there is a noticable “pwoik” sound. If I turn on the arp it sounds like “pwoikeeeeee, pwoikeeee, pwoikeee” when it should sound like “wheeee, wheeeee, wheeee”. It sound to me as if the filter is being sent to a fast envelope. The thing is, is that neither of the filters are being sent to an envelope and I still hear the sound. As a double measure to try and eliminate the “pwoik” the attack on the the AMP and FLT envelopes is slow. The sound should be fading in. I should not and do not want to hear the “pwoik” sound. It is very noticeable and no amount of parameter shifting, except the aforemetioned shortening of the note length such that a note does not start until the previous note has reached its release stage seems to make a difference. One more thing, it seems to be a FLT2 thing because I can adjust the the filter freq or the tracking the pitch of the “pwoik” changes

It seems to me that I should be able to make it sound like “wheeee, wheeee, wheeee” and should not hear a “pwoik”. this being said in a the song mix, it is unnoticeable, however, now I am on a quest to eliminate the “pwoik”

I just want to be sure that there is not something wrong with my A4, I mean, if I have the amp attack set relatively slowly with an envelop set retrig, shouldn’t ever trigged not fade in slowly? Should I not be able to make the “pwoik” go away?

Perhaps, posting a sound example or patch file is a good idea.

Which envelope did you choose?

Dotted triangle.

Okay, I am not really setup for recording but I took the headphone out and ran it in to my little Tascam field recorded mic in. Worked okay.

Give a listen. This is not even the real tone in question, I used a simpler one with less modulation, but I reproduce the little “pwoik” or “fap” sound perfectly. The amp env is set to dotted triangle. There is NO send of the filters to any ENV. There is no legato.

The first note you hear comes in slowly, because the attack on the amp env is slow. every note there after has the “pwoik”. By my thinking all I should here is the tone coming slowly, the pwoik should be gone. And sense there is no envelop based filter modulation, i should not hear the pwoik (it sounds like a very fast env on a filter to me. I want that sound to not be there.

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