Oddballism: juggling with a drum computer

I just bought my 1st odd-ball
a gadget, or a music instrument / midicontroller
after 2 years I decided to buy one, found it second hand and if I like it, I will buy 3

Oddballism video:

me juggling normal juggling balls :slight_smile:


Never seen this before. Mental. Looks like a lot of fun and I did used to love juggling. Would be interested to know how you get on with it…is it more gimmick than gadget???

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big chance this thing makes no sense, just a gadget. But who knows?

Another way is to use bouncing balles and membrane-sensors on an Arduino.
Arduino can be connected to my multi-map-mode of my Analog Four.

That sounds pretty doable but I’m sure the odd-ball will be way more streamlined. It has a lot of potential to be manipulated in strange ways. Just looks like fun tho!