Older KRK Rokit speakers failing

Noise insulation compound is failing on these fairly popular speakrs in EDM community. Problem should be fixed for newer models. Here is the insight from always excellent EEVBlog


Thanks for posting this. I haven’t heard any problems with mine, but I will be keeping an eye on them now.

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Hopefully it will stay that way. As far as I can understand, the problem is related how the moisture is condensing on MK2 models and most of the users in colder/dry climate should be safe.

Ok, that’s good to know. Hopefully, mine will be ok then.

Hmm, this might be what happened to mine. Last year my 8’s started sounding shit in the upper ranges and I noticed a lot of white noise/crackle/static and on closer inspection I noticed my tweeter had a tear in it. I thought I’d done it. I planned to get it fixed but one day it let out the most ear piercing screech and it nearly ripped my ears off!
I stopped using them and ordered a new tweeter which took about 3 months to arrive and I fitted it myself.
I vaguely remember some gunk in it and it being a right ball ache to sort it and was gutted to find it made no difference. They’ve been off since and keep meaning to get an electrician to take a look. Might email KRK, or whatever their UK supplier is now with a link for that vid.
That is before sampling the screech with some ear defenders fitted! It’s an horrific sound :scream:


Thanks for that Bob,

Just last year I contacted the KRK service agent in Australia as my rev 2 KRK 6’s had developed a crackle and a hum.

He suggested that capacitors fail and there was some glue like material which also failed. He seemed to think that it would be at least $100 a monitor to fix 'em and wondered if it were not a more cost effective solution to buy a new pair!

It was certainly not suggested there was a manufacturing error!

Scary stories are one thing, but let the record reflect that I bought a pair of Rockit 5s in 2008. They were cheap. I got what I paid for. And they still work fine today.