Oldschool hip hop drum sample library recommendation

Can anybody recommend me a really good sample library with boom bap type, vinyl drumbreak style drums?
Would be great!

And… I know how to sample old drumbreaks and chop them up. But I‘m too lazy :wink:

Head on down to the Drum Broker! hiphopdrumsamples.com

Beat Butcha and Marco Polo stuff is fire! Buy the bundles.

Stay away from the ‘basics’ packs on offer, they are all sub-par.


The Vinylistics series from way back is pretty much all you need, not sure where you’d find it now but man alive!
At a push Total Hip Hop but it’s nothing compared to Vinylistics!
Found this with a quick search…

I have all 3 from my brother, amen to that​:joy::pray:t3:


+1 for Marco Polo Pad Thais, lots of goodies in there!

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808 from mars

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These are the top upvoted of all time but there are countless drums on here, good drum source. Worth just browsing through the top voted ones at least


Thanks guys!!

Marco Polo bundle 99$. Really worth it?
Tons of samples. Can you recommend one or two of his kits over the others?

It’s a great producer for sure.

All of them have good samples. I would wait for one of their 50% off sales. Easter is right around the corner!


goldbaby, samples from mars, paul nice drum library.

I’m currently subscribed to sounds.com and am using the queensbridge story loops in my kits. Queensbridge Story sounds like Havoc was using an MPC 4000 into an SSL recording chain which sounds clear but still has the Mobb Deep soul. There are other sound pack developers on there too that make SP1200 and MPC60 sounds. For 9.99 a month there’s a lot of loops to chop up that are royalty free on sounds.com.

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I use Raw Cutz samples a lot. Not just for beats.


Smokers Relight parts 1 and 2 are my go to… very high quality and selected by DJ Premier from GangStar.


Goldbaby 808s

no 808 samples. Have enough of them and don’t like it for hip hop beats :wink:
But Goldbaby is great yes

puhh. Lot’s of great stuff. Thanks guys.
I could spend a lot of money now

How is your experience with those libraries like Raw Cutz, Smokers Relight etc. that have melodic instrument samples included. Is there enough variety in there?
I always was concerned to sound like everyone else that uses these sample packs… On the other hand you can change samples pretty drastically on an OT or DT…
I’m tired of sampling other people’s music… from a moral point of view

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Yep I bought the RawCutz mega pack about 2 years ago when it was on sale, well worth the cash. Its an awesome resource.


Single Drum Hits




Use a download manager to save time


nice. thanks