OLED screen color

I just got A4 + Rytm combo (the new black paint job), I noticed that OLED screen on A4 isn’t as bright and slightly yellow compared to Rytm.

Is this normal for OLED screens “within variance”

Or this there a brightness setting inside the settings screen?

Hard to take a pic as it doesn’t show up on camera due to auto color/auto focus.

My grey mk2s are slightly different, not hugely noticeable but are different…
same with my DT/DN there must be some tolerances. It’s only very slight differences on mine not enough to bother me

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Yeah IME there can be a fair bit of variation in white OLEDs some look very white, some bluish, some yellowish, I have noticed this on identical screens on a few different products.

Its very yellowish, seems to me like brightness is impacted.