One hour, messed up but fun

One Hour Jam, pretty messed up but recorded :slight_smile:

better quality with soundcloud, and your speakers will be happy :slight_smile:

lots of great moments in here :slight_smile: gear list?

Wow thank you, i just listened again and regognized there is a “speaker blowing” Echo feedback that i have to turn down in the wav file. Will upload again to SoundCloud soon.
It’s all Rytm, AK, Electribe Emx and Capistan TapeEcho. During the Last 5 minutes the “Acid-line” was from a Sub 37. it arrived only 5 hours before the Jam so i did not have the time to integrate it. But i had to try :slight_smile:
It was a non prepared jam with my friend (newbie) on the emx, so a Lot of the bleeps that went too crazy were Part of his learning process. :wink:
But now he is addicted, too!