One is Red Two is Blue and Three is Green

Ya’ll get this before? I don’t know what or how I got here. But my 1 is stuck on the red color, 2 it blue, and 3 is green. Maybe this is an easy fix…

Is there something plugged in the MIDI IN of the Digitakt?

Nope nothing was plugged in, I should mention, it’s like a baby blue and like a forest green, not the usual color.

Not sure how I got these colors here, anyone be able to tell me how? or how to remove them? also, when I hit FUNC+TRK it toggles 3 from blue to green.

I had to send mine back - there’s a debug mode you can enter to test the led lights

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I did that, it said 0 errors. Then they went away, only come to right back.

Global Mute Mode?

• GLOBAL MUTE MODE In GLOBAL MUTE mode, the muted tracks are muted in all patterns, and the trig [TRIG] keys are lit green.
Press [FUNC] + [BANK] to enter GLOBAL MUTE mode. If tracks are muted in GLOBAL MUTE mode, the tracks will flash green when the pattern plays.
Press [FUNC] + [BANK] to exit GLOBAL MUTE mode.
• PATTERN MUTE MODE In PATTERN MUTE mode, the muted tracks are muted only in the active pattern, and the trig [TRIG] keys are lit purple.
Press [FUNC] + double-tap [BANK] to enter PATTERN MUTE mode. If tracks are muted in PATTERN MUTE mode, the tracks will flash purple when the pattern plays.
Press [FUNC] + [BANK] to exit PATTERN MUTE mode.

• You can also use QUICK MUTE to mute and unmute sequencer tracks. Press and hold
[FUNC] and then press the [TRACK] keys to mute or unmute tracks.
• Digitakt remembers the last used version of MUTE mode and will access this one first when you press [FUNC] + [BANK]. This also applies to QUICK MUTE.

Right. But, when I jump in those modes… the 1 is still red, the 2 is still turquoise and the 3 is still green.

I went to test mode again. and when I test the 1 it’s just a blank yellow screen, and the 2 is nothing at all…

Is it the same if you change projects?

If you press 3, 4, and 5 while in test mode it tests the LED colors of every LED on the DT at the same time. Pressing different button combos combine the colors to make green, purple, teal, and white, in accordance with RGB color convention.


Yeah I just did that. When I press down
4 everything is green except the 1 is blue.
4 + 3 everything is yellow, expect the 1 is purple.
5 everything is blue, expect the 1 is blue

then everything is solid with the other combinations.

It sounds like a bad LED. It may have to be sent in for replacement.

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Maybe some LEDs got installed upside down :upside_down_face:

it was fine before, it just started happening.

same yes.

It feels like that. when I tipped it upside down to read the serial number, it actually fixed the issue for a second… then went back.

Hmm, I wonder if it could be fixed by opening it up and reseating the ribbon cable between UI and CPU boards…

Back up, run the debug startup test again. It doesn’t detect LED problem on its own and report an error, the Digitakt can’t see. You manually set the colors and see if they’re right. It sounds like a hardware problem with the LEDs. Elektron support can help you through this if you need help.

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On the main screen… when I press 1 it’s just all yellow. when I press 2 it’s all black. every other key, tells what it is example… 3 is TOM PRESS

3 lights all LEDs red.
4 lights all LEDs green.
5 lights all LEDs blue.
Any combination of these three combines those colors, so 4 + 5 is turquoise, 3 + 4 + 5 is white.

If all these tests work your LED hardware is good, and then the other behavior you are observing is correct, and expected.

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