One K Special: Some free Patches for Analog Four / Keys


well, I’ve reached more than 1000 Subscribers now :slight_smile: That is great !!! Did a Special Video about that some days ago already and promised, that i create some Free Patches for the A4 / AK - as a little Thank you :wink:

I dont wanna withhold those Patches from you either. So here is the Download Link:

Oh, and here’s a Demo Video too :slight_smile:

Maybe they are of use for some of you. They turned out to be quite EDM’ish in the end, dunno why. Maybe its because i can only create simple Melodies - im REALLY that much better at Drums !!! :smiley:



so when you reach 10000 we get 128 Patches @umonox :stuck_out_tongue: right ???

My favorite :

  • BS Squelshy

  • Pk 7th-Pluck

  • PD Churchy

And the winner is :slight_smile: :
PK Clicksquares !


thanks mate. :blush:

yeah, thinking about that. but if i wait with this until i reached 10.000 Subs - you might have grey hair already :smiley:


I already have :wink:

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haha, ok :slight_smile: in that we are two already :smiley:

well, white hair then :wink:


Wow these are awesome! My favourites are churchy, pwm-am and 7th pluck. Thanks for sharing them!

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youre welcome :slight_smile:

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Omg!I just realised who you are! I knew I have saw this name somewhere! I love your YouTube channel, absolutely premium content! My favourite track from you is “hard times”, incredible what you did with Just a A4 and a RYTM! Keep up the good work, i really enjoy your Content! Grüße aus der Schweiz :smiley:


:innocent: :innocent: thanks mate! glad you like my stuff. Und viele grüße zurück in die Schweiz :wink:

Hello Umonox, I lost this pack after formatting, it’s impossible to download it again because the link no longer works :frowning: I was working on a track with LD Fatman and impossible to finish it… Will you send me this pack please ? Many thanks ! :slight_smile: