One Shot Recording in Arrangement Mode


I would like to record a sample at certain points in an arrangement, play it back, stop it and play it back later in the arrangement. And all this automated, because I’m playing guitar.
For this I have used One Shot Record Trigs in Flex Machines and Pickup Machines. With both, however, the tracks have to be armed manually, which I don’t want to do. Outside the arrangement it works wonderfully, but unfortunately not in the arrangement.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I’d simply use a pattern with rec trigs (Flex track), followed by a pattern without rec trigs for playback


thank you very much for the extremely quick answer, but as a newcomer I unfortunately still don’t quite understand the approach. In particular, I don’t yet understand how to stop the Flex Machine in the arrangement. Actually I wanted to solve this via mute, but the machine continues to run…

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If the Flex last even with Arranger mutes, it’s probably because it’s looped, and that AMP Hold / REL are set to INF. In that case you can make your Hold settings correspond to pattern length (step values).

There is also Silence Tracks function to stop samples after a pattern change.

You can try with 2 patterns

Pattern 1
Track 1, Flex with a rec trig on step 1, no regular trig
Pattern 2
Track 1, Flex without rec trig, a regular trig on step 1

Pattern 1 for recording, Pattern 2 for playback.

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You made my day!!! I have not yet understood exactly how to set the HOLD and REL values in relation to the pattern length, but I might be able to do it without help! Thanks a million!!!


Set HOLD to 64 steps if your pattern last 64 steps, REL by ear, maybe between 0‐64

Thanks again for the additional infos, I’ll check this these days!!!

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