One Shot sample is retriggering the second time

Hi there, I would like to play a long sample one time at the start of the pattern.

Trigger is active on the first step, condition is 1st, length of the note is infinite, as well as the decay on the amp page, play direction is FWD. Changing the values on the amp page doesn’t change anything

The sample is triggered at the first time when the pattern starts and again, when the pattern starts a second time. After that the sample plays to the end without retriggering.

For my understanding the sample shouldn’t be restarted the second time.

What am I missing?

Cheers Triscus

Theres a known bug with the 1.11 update regarding ‘1st’ trigs triggering more than once. Happens when using the new scale per track functionality. Should hopefully be fixed soon.

Thanks, I just read your post in the known issues thread. Changing the track length to 16 worked for me. Is there a way to deactivate the new feature?