One shot sounds

I’m trying to play the Syntakt sounds from the MPC Live, the setup is quite simple but I’m trying to have some synth sounds as one-shots, so that once triggered they play the whole way through without having to hold down the pad. Ideally they would play for the length set in ‘trigger’.

Any way to achieve this?
I’ve tried with different settings on an AHD amp envelope but I didn’t get the same result.

You could create a Program on the MPC to trigger the Syntakt. However, it should still be working even triggering the Syntakt on a midi track. Make sure the right midi channel is chosen for each track you want to trigger.

The midi and MpC side is sorted, I can even have different pads triggering different notes on a same machine.

But I’m trying to set up things on the Syntakt so that once a midi note is received it plays the whole length defined by the trig parameter on the Syntakt or some other way to turn a longer sound into a one shot so I don’t have to hold the note.

That would be up to your amp ADSR and filter ADSR (especially the release parameters) if you’re wanting the notes to ring out after hitting a trigger, unless I misunderstood?

It should be your AHD envelope. If you reduce the hold time to where you no longer see the music note, you should be able to adjust the decay to your liking.

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Thanke for the suggestions!
I’ve been trying to play around more with the AHD but unfortunately the filter envelopes only has an adsr mode so it’s not possible to do achieve what I was trying to do. Of course I can for short drum type/bass sounds, but not for longer pads. Oh well, sampling it is!!!

Program your one shots on a syntakt track mute/unmute the syntakt tracks with your mpc?

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Nice call! I didn’t think of that!