One shot trigger question

Sometimes when i change a pattern / bank a one shot triggers play automatically. Sometimes i need to fire up them manually.

How they work? How to control them?

Did you try to ask the manual?

yes i have read this but for some reason they automatically play / don’t / randomly. when i power up the octatrack they play - maybe because then the octatrack IS NOT in a grid mode when powered up normally.

ok, let’s have an example: pattern A01 is running and i have a one shot trigger on pattern B01. i want this one shot trigger to be automatically re-armed (want it to play) when i switch to pattern B01.

how to make it work and in what mode i should be in?

To achieve this A01>B01 :

• GRID REC Mode;
• Sequencer running;
• select the track where you have the one-shot;
• while sequencer running select B01 in a comfortable moment;
• prior the patterns switching, keep pressed and hold FUNCT+YES;
• as soon as it switches to B01 you can release the combo;
• the one-shot (assuming it is on step1) will play the one-shot on B01.

I have assumed that the Personalize feature “DISABLE YES/NO ARM” is selected.

Otherwise, while in GRID REC, you can simply press YES/NO to Arm/Disarm for the focused track.

This kind of arming (while in GRID REC) can be performed at the Playback layer and at the Recorder layer (they have two different sets of trigs)

So, depending you are in REC TRIG or TRACK TRIG (always with GRID ON), you arm/disarm the corresponding one-shots.

if you are not in GRID REC mode, pressing FUNCT+YES/NO or the enabled shortcut YES/NO will ARM/DISARM ALL THE ONE-SHOTS, both for playback and for the recorder on ALL TRACKS

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