Oneshot p-lock

I have a pad on a pattern playing and a p-lock set to the filter width to 50% on step 1. Is it somehow possible to make the p-lock (not the sample) a oneshot so I can increase the filter width without it getting set back to 50% every time the sequencer is on step 1?

I don’t think Lock trigs can be One-shot (only samples can, AFAIK) but they can be conditional so you could set one with condition=1st (or whatever else)

12.4.3 LOCK TRIGSLock trigs trigger parameter locks, but without triggering samples/notes. Lock trigs do not trig machines, LFOs or FX envelopes. Enter them by pressing [FUNC] + [TRIG]. Lock trigs are indicated by green [TRIG] keys. Already existing sample trigs can be turned to lock trigs by pressing [TRIG] + [NO] twice. To turn a lock trig to a trigless trig, press [TRIG] + [YES]. When press-ing the [TRIG] key of a lock trig, it will turn into a sample trig. Press the [TRIG] key again to remove the sample trig altogether

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