Only Elektron midi sequencer with “slide”

I ended up just impulsively ordering a used MM. I was looking for a sequencer to sequence an Acidlab Drumatix I just ordered as well, and realized that the MM would be great due to its arpeggiator that could be used like a “retrig” function to sequence drum rolls.

Skimming through the manual, I just realized that the MM has the ability to “slide” parameter changes made with the midi sequencer tracks. I was under the impression that none of the Elektron sequencers were capable of doing this; I’m super glad the MM can. Is the MM the only Elektron sequencer capable of this?

Actually, I just skimmed through the manual for the MD, and it appears it should be able to “slide” parameter changes when using a midi machine too. I guess the OT, DT, and DN the only Elektron midi sequencers that can’t do this.

I think this is my sixth time owning one, but I haven’t played with one for almost a decade now.

When I was listening to demos, that tape delay effect put me over the edge. I really like how the delay sounds on the MM. Can’t wait to mess with it on the input tracks.

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Mnm arp on drums :heart:


I Had three Times it. Its a great Maschine. But it really needs a Lot of Attention.

I know the A4 has parameter slide and note slide, both I feel like would be great on a digitakt or digitone… A4 can’t sequence external midi though my guess is it is still acting as an internal midi sequencer for all intensive purposes. Can you lock the arp on and off? I’m fairly new to the A4 but so far it seems like either you have the arp on for a track or not so that might be the case for the MM also.

You can’t P-lock the arpeggiator parameters on the MM unfortunately. You could dedicate a couple midi tracks to different arpeggiator speeds that could be used for various sounds by triggering the different notes corresponding to the drum kit sounds.

The parameter slides on the A4 only apply to the internal synth engine, and can’t be applied to the CV sequencer. The OT has parameter slides, but they can’t be used on the midi tracks. The DT and DN just totally lack any parameter slide functionality.

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Oh yeah now that I’m thinking about it for drums you could also just have short note values for stuff that you didn’t want to ratchet, longer values and the arp would kick in… :sweat_smile:

AR has parameter slide though

Parameter slides on the midi sequencer is what the first post is referring to, AR and A4 have no midi sequencer.


Using slides and plocks on the midi tracks I’m thinking you could create limited but custom “lfos” for external gear parameters. This would effectively add 4 more lfos per midi track.

Tomorrow’s experiment for me maybe.

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Elektron… you really should Frankenstein up a midi sequencer from all your best bits.
Up till now good stuff keeps falling off.

On the MnM, if you use the SID arp mode, single notes don’t get arpeggiated but multiple notes on one step do. I wish they’d carried that mode over to their other machines, it’s very useful!


lots of midi gear needs midi notes to overlap to get glide / portamento … so its still achievable even without setting slide trigs on the sequencer.

eg. sh01a , set it to auto , make notes overlap via gate length. slidey bendy fun.
elektron gear has a lot of unique ways to do things.

more midi CC wise though i haven’t found many/cant remember any sequencer on which you can lock 2 x midi cc values on 2 x steps and slide between them. they probably exist.

The SID arp is so good for doing trills etc.

yeah, you can controll it with the “length” parameter on each MIDI sequencer track