Сontrol external synthesizers

I wrote down the part on Analog 4 mk2 and I want to play it on Korg Minilogue.
Can I play using the Analog 4 mk2 on the synthesizer Korg Minilogue?
I chose the track and tuned midi channels on both synthesizers
but the party does not play on Korg Minilogue

No, A4 can not sequence external instruments using MIDI notes. You can send Gate signals using the Sync In port and synchronise both sequencers this way (as a workaround).

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Thank you

But you can play the A4 with the Minilogue via Midi. And also use the A4 as FX unit and 8x Filterbox for the Minilogue.

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Is this not now possible with OS upgrades? I think it is but I cannot find out how! Any clues?

Yep. Note Setup menu, enable the SEND MIDI box (one per track)


great … thank you