OP-Z style tape track on the OT?

Is it possible to create an OP-Z style Tape Track on the OT?

Meaning a track that continuously samples a certain length of audio from other tracks, and is auto-sliced into a certain amount of slices while doing so (therefore also playable as slices)?

This is one of my favourite functions on the OP-Z…and would make my decision easier to sell my DT and get an OT :smile:

Yeah you could do it on 8 tracks from 4 different inputs if you so chose

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Nice, do you know any good video explaining this?

Do you own an OP-Z?
Just asking, because I don’t know how well I explained what its tape does.

Oh and very important…can these slices be pitched up or down by an octave?

I dont have an op z but what you’re describing is definitely doable on OT. You can use the other tracks as inputs too. It’s hard to explain tbh but it’s really easy to set up. You can pitch and modulate and instant remix to your hearts content, it’s unparalleled for this imo. look into recorder buffers and recorder trigs. It’s all going to make absolutely no sense until you do it though honestly. Yes each track has pitch shifting and also can be played chromatically time stretched which is fairly uncommon. All things have their own set up


Thanks! I will look it up more…Already watched maaaaaany videos on this machine :smile:

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lol enjoy your new OT

Beware if pitching up whilst realtime resampling your playback will over run the buffer resulting in silence - logical if you think about it, you are playing back faster than recording.

You can use 1 shot recorder trigs to mitigate this but then it will only sample once armed, therefore giving you a pre recorded buffer to mangle, in practice it is not too bad. You can offset recording to occur a bit before playback too.

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Okay, thanks for the tip (although I don’t fully understand).

Another question. Let’s presume my recording buffer is set to 1 bar.
Can the recording buffer be set so rather then looping back around and recording over my previous 1 bar, it continuously records 1 bar in a forward manner?

Not by default, you can work around it in theory by using 2 tracks, TBH I don’t use this function much (I have a OP-Z, so I know exactly what you mean) Record buffers are overwritten when a new rec trig is acted upon, the closest thing to OP-Z tape would be the freeze delay. Maybe @sezare56 might have an idea to do it using the buffers…


That’s unfortunate…the OP-Z does this so well and I use it on every track…

Too busy to have ideas !

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Not sure what OPZ can do, I suppose this is achievable with 1 track and 2 recorders…


Basically the tape is always recording in the background, continuous overwrite, and you can press a black key which relates to the length of the loop, and a white key which relates to the position within the buffer.

So imagine a 16 step loop running, you could pick a say 3 step loop using black key 3, and have it play the 1,2,3 steps, by pressing the first white key, then press a different white key (5) and it could play 5,6,7 steps.


So why not continue using the OPZ?

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I still am using the OP-Z and I love it, but the built quality is terrible. I am on my second unit (It’s been out for less than 3 years) and it’s already got defects again.
So I was looking for interesting samplers, that are not built to fail :slight_smile:
Also having some more sampling time and additional inputs can’t hurt.

So yes, if there was an OP-Z with Elektron built quality, that’s what I would buy.


Yeah, same reason I sold mine - loved the sequencer (especially the possibility to “condition” trig conditions), but did not trust the hardware’s durability.

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The world really needs a modern take on the op1. Preferably not from TE

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So how happy are you with replacing it with the OT?

I have had my opz since launch, besides the occasional double trigger i have no problems with it. I don’t expect much though, TE is not a serious musical company and had all ways made questionable stuff… The op1 build quality is a joke and the opz is basically a big pocket operator…

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