Op1 sequencing rytm

anybody here using the op1 to sequence a rytm? I know there´s only one midi channel at a time from the op1, so that won´t work via midi channels. Now I read that I can sequence the rytm tracks via Midi note 0-11(C-2 to B-2) but on the op1 I can´t get that low on the -4 octave setting on the keyboard. I use an iconnect audio 4+ interface and an ipad to get both connected. Maybe some magic midi note conversion app?

Thanks for any help?

I found a neat way to use the OP1 sequencers to sequence the Elektron Analog Rytm with the help of an iconnect audio 4 plus interface and an ipad running midi bridge. Easy and fun to use. https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/midibridge/id449160859?mt=8

*** Sorry for the poor video/audio quality ***

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I did something similar with my Organelle :wink:

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I had the organelle and loved it, but sent it back, because it´s pretty close to the op1 I think and I don´t have enough inputs/space to justify having both. Did you made some tracks with it?

Yes I understand. I hesitated between the two as well but I really like the Organelle as I’m a software engineer. The OP-1 is still really tempting but as I have an iPad pro, I’ve got the mobile music thing covered :).
For now, I didn’t make a real track with the Organelle. I want to complete my own Pure Data patch for that before.

Very interesting. I tried the PD thing but failed ultimately… Keep me posted.