Optimal way to record MnM into Daw via outputs

Hi folks.

Soon I’ll have a 16 input interface. I’m thinking about using the 6 mono MnM outputs to record each track separately into ableton. Not necessarily for live jams but to construct tracks properly.

I figure I’ll more than likely use the “6xMono” setup and forego the MnM internal fx and just use abletons fx. This way I’ll be able to process each mono track properly and fit each one within the mix properly.

I’ll see how this works initially… but I know I’m going to miss out on some of the best aspects of the MnM (imho) this way, such as lfos on panning and the internal ping pong delay not working. I know I can emulate these in any Daw but that suck the fun out of using the MnM.

Just looking for examples from others on how they record out of the MnM to make tracks in their DAW while keeping as much of the MnM sound as possible? Any interesting techniques with buses/routing A/B, C/D, E/F style?

I suppose I’ve a lot of experimenting to do until I find what works best for me.

Thanks in advance:)


Hey Martin.

One configuration that i like the most is a sort of combined mono/stereo setup, thanks to the use of hard pans…

I’ll use the 3xStereo setup but on 2 of the stereo busses I’ll pan tracks hard left and hard right and keep stereo fx only on the truly stereo track.
So, for example.
Out 1/2 = Panned Kick L, panned snare R
Out 3/4 Panned hat + percussion L, panned FM bassline
Out 5/6 Stereo synth bus. Usually run through MnM Chorus, with some delay

The percussion often comes from 2 beatbox machines, with the pans as p-locks.
MnMTracks are:
1:BBOX (kick, snare)
2:BBOX (hat and other pecussion)
3:FM Dyn Bassline
4 Digipro DENS or DDRW - sent to 6/Chorus
5 FM fx synth stuff - sent to 6/Chorus
6 Chorus (subtle “mix”)

In Ableton the setup is:
1: Kick
2: Snare
3: Hat/Perc (I’ll automate some pan settings on this to get the hits to move around)
4: Bass
5: Stereo Synths

Sure, I could spit everything out of a mono output and just do FX in Ableton Live, but alot of times it is nice to automate the MnM delay and plock the chorus to get some life into the synth lines that is uniquely monomachineish. :slight_smile:

hope this helps!

This is exactly the kind of example I was after. Big thanks Adam for taking the time to share that.

You’re right, 6xmono would be robbing a big chunk of the MnM sound from the end result, so I’ll re-think and start of with the 3xstereos initially when the Motu arrives.
I know it’s totally dependant on preference but it’s great to hear how others have set up up record.
Thanks again fella:)

Right on!

And sometimes I’ll even use stereo FX on two sounds that are panned hard left and right, and just deal with the FX bleed in those other channels in Live.

No wrong ways to do it here.
Fun things often happen when you break the rules. :slight_smile:


Thanks again:)

Adam, just out of curiosity do you have a soundcloud link to a track that you’ve made with the MnM using the above method? Just to hear an example of the possibilities.

I know you have a few solely MnM tracks.


Interesting approach, AdamJay. I never woulda thought of that, so thanks for sharing.

Afraid not, the few tracks I used this configuration for were taken off my Soundcloud at request of the label during the promo period.
I can post them back up in a month or so.

Aha. No worries:)