Organize/save ur own samples

hey guys… i keep turning the OT on, and none of the recorded samples are there :frowning:

how do u organize that?

isnt there a “save all for when I turn on again” ?

Recorder buffer content is not automatically saved. If a recorder buffer contains a sample and the corresponding track recorder starts to sample, the original buffer sample will be overwritten by the new sample. Also, samples in the recorder buffers are not retained in
memory after switching off the Octatrack or changing projects. If you want to keep recorder buffer samples they need to be saved to the Compact Flash card. This operation can be performed in the RECORDING SETUP EDIT menu, accessed by pressing [FUNCTION] +
[BANK] while either RECORDING SETUP menu is active.

While in either RECORDING SETUP menu, an EDIT menu can be opened by pressing [FUNCTION] + [BANK]. This menu offers various commands relating to the track recorder.

EDIT THIS RECORDING will open the recorded sample in the audio editor. The audio editor is covered in the section “THE AUDIO EDITOR” on page 95.

SAVE THIS RECORDING will save the recording made by the active track recorder to the Compact Flash card.

SAVE ALL RECORDINGS will save all recordings of all track recorders to the Compact Flash card.

Alternatively, saving can be done from within the audio editor. This is covered in the section “FILE” on page 104.


thanks Peter , would have taken me forever to find this in the manual,… AND also, would have required a fairy that I didnt overread this when coming across it! …
a new day will start tomoroow hopefully then without sample losing :=

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thank you, saw this function on MK2, was sure my MK1 also can do this !!


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