Organizing Sound Packs/Patches?

Is there any convenient way I’m overlooking or tips in general to organize my sound packs/patches?

There were tons of free Analog Four MKII sound/packs, I downloaded all of them but only put a few on there. Now I’ve lost track of which ones I’ve put on my device, name wise at least, I’ve come to know the patches well enough.

Is the only way to keep some sort of documentation of my own regarding what sound packs I’ve put on there? Same with Digitone… I love my Digitakt, being able to organize samples into folders and such. The Digitone/A4MKII could use a little love on the organization department other than rote memorization, especially when the A4 had around 10 free sound packs to manage.

Tags are only helpful to some extent regarding organization when there are hundreds of sounds stored on here, and A4 sound packs of such different timbres.

If there’s not way I’d love to have bank names.