Organizing Sounds

I can’t understand why the AR2 way of organizing sounds feels so… half-baked. If I want to select sounds based on some tag (i.e. all kicks), I can filter all my kicks ever on the sound manager. If I wanted to subset sound to a project, I can add them to the sound pool, but I can’t filter on the tags within the sound pool, and there’s no way to de-duplicate sounds.

How are you guys organizing your sounds in an easy to search manner? I play live a lot, and it’s driving me insane when I know what kind of sounds I want to play in a night, but have no better way to filter on it and essentially have to choose.

I mainly use samplechains. That’s how I organize. Other than that basic structure with folders.

how do samplechains help? obviously, if a chain is associated with a project/kit/group of Sounds, then it helps as it has all of the samples in one file, but it otherwise doesn’t seem to help organizing Sounds like the OP is asking. But I might not be understanding.

I just bought a Mk II after having sold my Mk I one this summer, and am trying to rethink organization of samples and Sounds after having been frustrated by my lack of thought and organization with my Mk I …