Os 1.1d

Analog Keys
The joystick and aftertouch are now interpolated for smooth operation.
On some units the user interface firmware will be updated. The firmware update will take a few seconds,

if the unit does not prompt you to restart within 30 seconds, please do it anyway.

Bug Fixes
Analog Keys
Locking notes to steps in grid record mode did not work correctly while HOLD mode was engaged, and could also behave erratically after HOLD mode had been disengaged. Fixed.

When reloading the kit in one pattern and then later changing to a pattern using a different kit the correct sounds would not always be played in that pattern. Fixed. Notes from USB MIDI or the built in keyboard could get stuck. Fixed.


Does this really make any real difference to the A4. This OS seems more geared towards the AK.

it’s always best to run the latest OS…
in my experience the OSes can have fixes which are not documented in the release notes.

Its true that the fixes are geared towards to Keys, but it is best to run the latest OS - as also Void mentions.