OS 1.25D - just released

nice to see another set of bug fixes so soon after the last update

Hi guys,

I just did the update but my OT keep starting in demo mode… I have to change the set and then everything is fine again. But when i restart always demo mode -_-

Someone had this?


awesome to see so many OS updates coming!

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Make sure you have the Compact Flash card plugged into the Octatrack. I too was stuck in demo mode until I realized I forgot to put the card back in.

I wouldn’t get to excited, it seems to me that this latest update (125D) was released because of the “regression” in the previous update(125C)…

yaeh ok, but at least it gives me the feeling that elektron still cares about the OT.
and this is good!

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yaeh ok, but at least it gives me the feeling that elektron still cares about the OT.
and this is good![/quote]
Cause if I don’t, like my Octatrack will stop sampling and stuff.

I’m still on 1.25B…any issues with upgrading straight to 1.25D?

And furthermore…is there any real reason to? I haven’t seen any real issues with my OT since I got it that have been addressed in the last 2 updates, and realize that I haven’t had to update any of my Elektrons (MD, MNM) since I got them…the last time I did an upgrade on hardware it bricked it, so I’m not inclined to upgrade anything…but the update I did on my bricked hardware (Boss VF-1) could have been avoided had I not skipped the previous upgrade before adding in the latest update. Just a bit gun shy…“don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”.

I was thinking the same but its not the cf. it keeps going in demo mode everytime i start em up. Its strange because the enter/yes button is doing strange also… I realy have too push hard when i want to confirm something and it started the same time as the demo mode error -_- anyway i will buy a new cf card, if the problem is still there ill contact elektron suppor.

If the [ENTER/YES] button is messed up, and the OT keeps entering Demo Mode (which is usually done by pressing [ENTER/YES] at power up), then it’s very likely that your [ENTER/YES] button is causing all the problems.

I know theres many things yet to fix and for me I just want the interface simplified and the menus "evolve’ Ive never seen a clunkier UI. Its horrid. Ive shown some real clever programers and they thought it was a crime against humanity. Really bad when you have users unable to save and rename stuff easily and simply - especially when each and every new sample will need a name change. It crap like that that I always record the audio to my DAW and my OT is a mess of half bits and pieces

To be fair, whilst we’re all signed up to the positive how to work around it movement, the UI is pretty awful and also impossible to work around, you have to go with it, it’s a thing that would benefit all, having said that, they have got better with the analog series which has mostly effortless workflow, but the OT is a huge animal and it’s fair to say it would take some effort to do much about that, but even small things would help, the rubber banding around a highlighted sample name when scrolling through samples does my head in every time, the letters are hard enough to read without it, let alone once the black border is rendered. Anyway, we’re all for working through these headaches, but some things are so worth a moan and the UI/UX is top of that list for me, it would free up the potential. Rather that than overbridge by x1000 Oh, and My workaround for the UI is not to use the OT :+1: :wink:

Oh dear… here we go again! :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: [/quote]
no no no, if this guy, who is an unashamed E fanboi makes a critic,
then it stands to reason that it is of note.

i’ve been doing this stuff for years and there are a few notable pieces
that defy logic in the way they handle things and sadly the OT is one.

others of note yam tx16w, korg s3,

now ive programmed fs1r, k5000, z1, sy77s etc from their front panels
and they have alot going on,
but are easier to get to grips with than the OT.

(that doesnt preclude that some “get it” and can wizz around it with ease.)

umm back to the point on other gear, well maybe not the fs1r, but that had over 1000 parameters if i remember correctly
and i had to use 2 different function s/w editors to access everything.

the OT is like a really pretty girl with a very bad personality.

nah you have every right to say how you feel :joy:

just you might get challenged by bozos like me, if it contradicts my way of thinking!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

turn the music up then you wont be have to hear me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the OT is like a really pretty girl with a very bad personality.

What a diplomatic way to put it!

on the matter of updating, i am also a follower of the philosophy: “if it works, don’t update it.”

what happened to Rustys Editor?. Thats all I need. So I can do all that stuff on the computer. As an instrument is my dead set favorite. Theres not much I cant think up then not actualize. No other instrument makes me address it and respect it in such a way.

i simply LOVE the UI on the OT. After some practicing it became second nature for me. Same on MD,MnM…give it some time…it’s like learning an Instrument…

I think it ran away to join the circus… theres a serious answer there somewhere.