OS firmware version 1.35a

Can anyone help me…I’m looking to downgrade the OS in my A4 MK2 (it was at version 1.35a prior to update to1.40a) experiencing a problem with it and want to revert back to the OS when I got it last year,was looking on elektron.se and Google etc. But can’t find it. Thanks, Tony.

I found versions 1.35 (non-A) and 1.36 BETA (says 1.35B in the release notes) on my computer. 1.35A I don’t have, but maybe one of these works as well?
Analog-Four_Analog-Keys_OS1.35_readme.pdf (137.8 KB)

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Elektron don’t allow 3rd parties to share their OS (even here) it’s in the licence agreement afaict. If you need the software speak directly but do not upload anywhere

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@Mods @David public uploads of older OSs linked above withdrawn until approval to do so is established

Thanks so much for your help avantronica, I’ve hopefully solved the issue… after installing the update I re-jigged my studio etc. and introduced my Kenton thru box to my setup… turns out that was the problem…that and a dodgy midi cable!:roll_eyes:


Thanks jenne,as I said to avantronica,all good now!! Very decent of you to go out your way! Cheers :+1:t2: