Osc1 of Voice 3 not working

i bought a used analog four. now i noticed, that osc 1 of voice 3 is very quite. so when you play the track init sounds you nearly cant hear anything on track 3. or when you play a chord with the init sound, you cant hear note 3. when you load a preset … osc 1 is still quite …
i’ve upgrade to latest firmware. and back to 1.24c. did a calibration. but sill a not working osc1 of voice 3.
is it broken?

Sorry to hear that. The seller clearly betrayed you. If you want to get it repaired you must open a Support Ticket at Elektron. Only they can fix it. My educated guess is that some smd parts on the Main Board are broken. Did you try the Early Boot menu to Test it?
Press the function Button while turning on the A4.
Choose TEST Mode

To enter this mode, press the first [TRIG] key. If you have any trouble with your Analog Four and suspect it maybe due to a hardware problem, perform this self test. No errors should be reported as shown below. If that is notthe case, contact Elektron support or the retailer you bought the Analog Four from

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Thanks! The Selftest says, that everything is ok. This is my second analog four, so i know that with this unit is something wrong. I talked to the seller and he will take it back!

Cool! So there are still ppl with a Common Sense. That reminds me of the Microbrute SE White that i bought as “Like brandnew” and it turned Out to be a smoker unit with yellow/brownish traces all over the synth. He denied to Take it back.