Ot + A4 Bpm wierdness and osc 1 pitch problems

Hi, using OT as master, sending to A4, and thru to MD
Has anyone ever noticed how the bpm on the slaved devices fluctuates non stop?
I have the OT at 160, and the a4 and md contsantly fluctuate between 159.8 and 160.1
doesnt seem to be a problem, but i find that really weird

Also a recurring problem i have with the A4, which has been mentioned before, and i had got rid off, but since i started a new project its come back again

The pitch on osc 1, track 1 on the a4, periodicly goes to minus 64, randomly in the middle of the sequence
sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt

Id got rid of the problem before, but i dont know what solved it, and though it was brought up on the forum, there was no definite solution to stop it occuring

To clarify, the ot had no midi tracks running, and this was without using the crossfader

any thoughts?


1 the bpm’s not important, but is weird, can anyone else confirm this behaviour

2, the osc 1 pitch shift on the A4 is bloody annoying, i cant figure out why it happens
Can someone please enlighten me?

(to recap, the A4 being slaved to the OT, and the osc 1 on tr 1, systematicly gets reset to pitch -64, )

BPM fluctuations happen to all of us! =)

About the A4 problem…I suppose you are using Program Change from OT to A4…change the PRG CHNG channel on OT to be different from AUTO Channel.

I’ve noticed the BPM fluctuation before, but never noticed it making any difference.

I’d try to troubleshoot the -64 issue by turning off all midi control message sending from the OT, then enabling them one by one.

Direct CC control, the audio track midi settings, etc.

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I’ve been getting both of these happening but with an MPC connected to the A4 rather than an Oct. The midi-sync fluctuations seem to cause the delay to warble. I’ve turned off receiving CCs in the A4 which at least seems to have sorted the -64 problem.

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Hey, thankyou for the replies!

Sicijk, my auto ch (ot) is on 9,
as far as i can tell there is no option to change the Program Change channel, but i believe its on 1

I tried 1 - 16, for the auto ch, and the same problem persisited

Josker -
If i untick the Auto Ch send, in the midi sync page
the problem goes away

But thats no use, is the program changes are no longer being sent

Is there something im forgetting?

The weird thing is, on my other project id managed to get rid of this problem
Ive gone back and checked all my midi options, and there the same on the 2 projects
(unless i missed something)

Lemurman, think you nailed it!
Turning off CC’s in the A4, does indeed sort the problem out
I must have done that in my other project too,
Still a bit weird that you have to do that, as in theory the OT isnt sending any CC’s
Anyway thanks for the tip

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On your Octatrack, what is your setting for AUDIO CC OUT in the PROJECT>MIDI>CONTROL menu? If it is set to ‘EXT’ or ‘INT+EXT’ then the OT will send MIDI CC messages whenever you adjust the parameters of the OT’s audio tracks.

You can change it in: PROJECT > MIDI > SYNC

the rightmost column is the place.
As you can see from the image: the PRG CH is set to AUTO channel…highlighting it will allow you to change it to a different one,

Please try this out…for me works and I can still have send/receive of CCs

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Cheers Sicijk, i wasnt aware you could change that parameter!

“edit” no that still doesnt work, i tried a few different configs, for example pr ch on 9, and auto on 16,
but whatever i chose, the Pitch still changes on the A4
Just for the info, this is a new project, with no midi tracks being used

Peter Hanes - i had it set up as INT only, but that didnt stop the OT changing the OSC1 pitch on the OT

I just opened an old SupportTicket I’ve sent to HQ when I was experiencing this issue…actually they said that I should check that no midi CC are sent on Auto channel…that would be the spot…

sorry for my previous firm belief.