OT and recording/timing midi

Hi there fellow OTnuts

I´m new to the OT - is there a way to freely record midi on the OT? cant find a way to turn off the quantise to be able to record accurate grooves, any ideas?

I think it is u¥in the personalize menu under the main project options.

Thanks nedavine

it got a little bit better,…but still it kills the original groove, specially short notes.

thanks analogback

I´m using an Axis 64 - I can hear it´s all good when I´m playing it in/live record mode, and then when it´s looping back the note´s have somehow shifted ( or not registered at all if their tiny funk notes :slight_smile: if that makes any sense).

are you trying to record into audio tracks or MIDI? audio tracks don’t record hold time, which is too bad. MIDI tracks do record it, as note length.

you might also try upping the track scale to 2x so you can get 32nd notes.