OT as a digital looper/Delay

Hey earthlings!

I’, trying to minimize my gear to make it more portable. I’ve been using an Electrix Mo-FX through a Filter Factory for some loopy/crunchy stuff.
I’m wondering if the OT can mimic this? The key is when I set the delay on the MO-FX to “loop” then mess with the timing is makes all sorts of crunchy goodness. Changes the rhythm, pitch and such as well as adding artifacts.

Can this be done? Seems like the OT want to be all advanced and keep everything in good shape. If it could do this it would free up a rack that I could really use elsewhere.

Well, it does depend on what you mean:

OT have got a delay, and you can mess with the the timing much in the same way as the MO-FX probably. Although, given your vague description, I´m not sure if the MO-FX are able to both loop (hold?) the delay buffer AND mess with the timing without de-activating the loop (/hold) at the same time. If that is what you meant (and that this is possible), then that is quite an unique feature I´ve never heard of any other delay effect having.

In the OT you´d probably have to combine both the delay and a flex buffer, which in a sense could be as described as above. However, the flex buffer are a bit dependant on the sequencer. Even so if you´re not using the flex buffer controlled by the sequencer. They still have an relation to each other, even if you make use of it or not. All of which got its pro´s and con´s.

The delay time can be tweaked in real time, the flex buffer can partly too but within its limitations and this partly (but not only) because of the sequencer. However, you are able to combine several flex buffers (tracks) with different settings among them. Which in turn can lead to things that not many (if any) other products can do…

As for your Filter Factory, there are a few filter options in the OT. Many of its parameter can be controlled by the sequencer as well as the LFO´s. Maybe not all features in your Filter Factory are possible to replicate, but I would guess most of them would come close.

Hello being from outerspace…

ok, before you get all happy… I never played with your goodies… and i just “imagine” what your doing to it… but I do got some happy news… kinda…

There are things like neighboortracks on the octa… so with some experimentation and thinking allot and elbowgrease you kinda could get something like the following:

Have track1 setup as a looping device… (i dont use it allot, but there is fun in it… u can even drive it with a midi footcontroller if you have one) … u can use this looper to record whatever you wanna put in… have the second and third and fourthtrack as neighboor machines… and basicly have them do all kinds of weirdness with it.
no clue what you make… but with all the tools/fx you get… i am sure you can make whatever you trying to make to scare your audience (or amaze them)
You would still have tracks left, to record the looper and or record the recorder that records the looper. (try to say that 10 times in a row)

but would it be “the same” as your current gear… nope… it be difrent… will you care… hmm after some practice and all that… not really cause you will have a groovy toy…

then again… i could be totally wrong… i am not u… it might not click… you might not want to play without foot-controller (and i dont use the loopermachine because i cant get used to the bottom-combo yet…) so i would view the youtube vids elektron put out on the machine… there is one about the looper… and there is one about neighboor machines…
Enjoy your quest

After diggin around on the web for a video demonstration what I’m trying to accomplish, it’s become clear that I’ll have to make my own. It’s something I’ve been doing with digital delay boxes since I was a kid and didn’t know any better. It’s not pretty. Doesn’t sound like what you put in and I love it. I could use the looper functions of the OT but that would only get me a 3rd of the way there. I would need it to actually mess things up when I speed up and then slow down the recording.

The closest thing I could find was an old Skinny Puppy live thing where he dicks around with a digital delay on his vox. Not exactly what I mean but you can hear how it changes pitch and gets a little crunchy. The mofx can do this with longer delay times. Speed it up and it gets all crazy, then slow it down and . . . . never mind. I’ll just go make a vid.

Now I really want to know what Ogre was using on his vox back then. I’d like to see what you are doing with the Mo-FX too, as I’ve been thinking of picking one up.

The “problem” is also that the OT’s delay works more like a repeater than a 0 to 1 and beyond feedback delay…so you should work to get crunchy stuff with a Lo-Fi controlled by CrossFader.

The most similar delay in Elektron boxes is the one on the Monomachine…reaaaaally dangerous! =)

i still have all the Electrix effects in a rack. The Mo - FX delay really is quite unique, and the OT’s delay certainly does NOT do that.
It’s a bit tricky to explain, but it sounds great. The only issue I had with the delay of the Mo - FX is that it would get out of time when in loop mode and synced to MIDI clock. Which is too bad, as it is a wonderful tool for textures.

Indeed, it loops a buffer, and you can mess with the buffer in real time, the resulting messing around will continue to be looped. It is really fun !


Indeed, it loops a buffer, and you can mess with the buffer in real time, the resulting messing around will continue to be looped. It is really fun ![/quote]
I can imagine it being that for sure!

So… it begs the question: how does it handle it?
Is it more like that whenever you´re messing with the delay buffer, it lets go off the hold but as soon you´ve stopped altering that parameter it re-activates the hold function?
Otherwise, it would seem to me that it would all get quite washy really quickly. Because of all different frequencies that the tweaking of the delay time parameter would give. Kinda as you would get if doing the same thing but having a high feedback. You catch everything and hear it as well… (which IMHO seldom sounds good).

Thinking out loud here in regard of how to try get something similar in the OT:
[li]Primary (Thru) track with audio input to FX2 = delay with sufficient level of feedback that is enough to feed the trigs in secondary track (see below), its time parameter being altered in realtime. FX1 = filter, also altered in realtime. Realtime = fader?[/li]
[li]Secondary track with flex buffers on certain trigs, source 3 = primary track output. And perhaps and small amount of the same audio inputs into the flex buffer trigs as you have into the primary track. Perhaps as well having a slight amount of delay in its FX2 slot, to help mask the “2-track construction”.[/li]
[li]Secondary track with playback trigs on certain trigs (= same position as the recorder trigs or not?).[/li]

Pro´s and con´s: if secondary track trigs are NOT One Shots (that needs to be re-armed by the user). Its buffer will be re-written each time the step sequencer starts over and passes these steps once again. If they are One Shots, the buffer will be re-written any time the user re-arm the trigs AND the step sequencer passes these trigsteps. I can see the benefits in both scenarios…

hmmm… a quick try:

Not really quite sure how exactly it handles it, as I haven’t used that unit in years (i find it too noisy for my taste, although something tells me I should get into it again.
I do remember it getting pretty messy and weird really quickly. Maybe I’ll do a quick demo of it in a few, might rekindle my love for it, and provide some interesting challenges to all the sound designers out there. :slight_smile:
Cheers !

mm, not bad, I’ll do a quick capture of the actual Mo FX to give you a better idea. Was going to do a video, but I suppose SoundCloud is the way to go for this kind of stuff.

mm, not bad, I’ll do a quick capture of the actual Mo FX to give you a better idea. Was going to do a video, but I suppose SoundCloud is the way to go for this kind of stuff.[/quote]
Please do!

Would love to hear that feature in the MO FX. As I mentioned in my earlier post. I´ve never heard of any delay unit being able to do that kind of thing. Given that the MO FX is quite a few years old now, Electrix were really ahead of their time…

Video/soundcloud… whatever you feel comfortable with.

Thanks in advance!